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Skin Sin and other stories

Skin precedes to sin, and all I see and foresee is an action that's akin to sweet, sweet sin.

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The Lonesome crowd

The lonesome crowd, credits Carol Wanja

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My Truth My Escape

Guest post alert. Yes I have awesome friends.. And when they write, they speak.. Here is a short poem by the Francis The lone Puppeteer. image

The beautiful, real and strong me needs no introduction,
It’s a self of me that I can never hide,
But I am human, just like you I also search for a semblance of perfection,
Though it seems that the warmth of true love I shall never find.

She’s timid yes… quiet too,
Like a lone flower planted upon shallow ground,
But I know she’ll come around maybe soon,
And then I’ll no longer walk among the lonesome crowd.

So give me a date and time,
that I may show the real me,
For we can’t feign true love, especially when were only beginning,
I’m practically on one bended knee,
But when all is said and done, to your essence I’ll still remain clinging.

She’s silent…

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