About Francis The Lone Puppeteer

I am the puppeteer. Don’t ask me whose the puppet I am yet to determine that myself. Yea I write oftenly sometimes I write for closure. Sometimes to pass a deep message.
I have encountered various types of loss call it my moments of inspiration.

But the most important thing that u should remember is that these words I write I can never really attribute them to purely my own ingenious but a product of haunting experiences that come in bursts in full unpredictability.

So rate me whether I’m worth ur time
from 0 to 20
0 meaning plausible deniability and 19 meaning complete metaphysical certitude

lovely day



3 thoughts on “About Francis The Lone Puppeteer

  1. Meg Nyakeno, thanks a lot, i really appreciate your encouraging thoughts and Poets&heartbreakers were birds of a feather and i feel connected to you through your comment… to writing even more and once again thank you

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