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Something in the Water

The moment you walk in the pub, and the dim fading lights accustom to your vision, you can tell you are a changed man. Rather you are now a man. The darkened vision speaks to your darkened soul and a oneness is found, a kindling feeling creeps slowly within you and a calm settling desire leads you, step by step, to the altar where the priest awaits. Slowly the water is smoothly thawed out from the priest’s bottle, and your cup overflows… you bellow with pleasure, the priest thanks you and the ritual commences.

Slow but sure you begin the transformation, shot after shot of tequila as your mind wavers and your heart races. As you plunge you faintly remember her warnings,

‘Never roam these clubs alone, your drink may be spiked one of these days.’

You remember the escalation of your lives as she noticed that the drinking problem was here to stay. You contemplate for a minute, then you recall that you choose the bottle over the woman of your dreams.

‘Another one!’ you bellow,

The priest grins, he is used to this and as Kilemi the bouncy bartender fills your cup, your mind’s tempo rises.

The looming undertone of the dark dirge that is your life catches up with your ritual and a depressing demeanour confronts you. You remember the glistening job and future your life held. Your heart is now christened in your failures and your gulps become larger. You cannot hold back anymore, the fear of falling and plunging into intoxication escapes you, you are now a new man, preceded by a fearful man who is now dead. The lamentations of your conscience grow louder, you remember the constant intoxication at your place of work, the deafening pleas by your colleagues always screaming at you for reform. They expected too much you think and you plunger deeper into the water.

There’s a resounding gush and splurge as your mind leaves you and your body takes over, the flesh seeks no reason for past actions and questions not an already perturbed soul. You can now drink further, soul separates from the body and a revival commences. You are no longer a child of fire, you have now been baptised with water, there was something in the water, after all. You bellow incoherently, the priest looms over, a ghastly shadow.

‘Another one Joshua? are you sure?’ 

The cup overflows again and again. You have lost all recollection of how you wound up in this location, you have lost yourself in the water. The baptism has turned into a drowning, a ritual sacrifice to Poseidon. What was her name again, your mind faintly questions again. For the life of you, you cannot bring yourself to remember.

‘Joshua, you sexy drunk, you’

a woman’s voice resonates next to your frail intoxicated form.

‘Its Nancy’

You hear Kilemi, the bartender whisper as she settles snugly next to you, on the stool which has held you drunken weight for hours now.

Nancy’s breath is warm, too warm, she’s whispering nothings in your ear and you can hear nothing. Completely consumed you plunge deeper into the water and forget yourself. The water has turned vile now, Nancy must have something to do with it you reckon. She has been rumoured of drugging men in this club, you remember. But isn’t her company what your manly soul longs for? Is not her warm hands though dexterous and deceitful what you wish for. You swim towards her embrace.

The water is now warm, it holds no restraint now, your head is oozy, Nancy is now pouring your drinks, Kilemi the priest has allowed her to serve you a new altar now, an altar sanctified by lust and sin. The lust or maybe a heart attack suddenly grips your manhood and your heart as well. A smile oozes on your face as a relentless drool follows. Nancy’s face turns cold. Her potions normally do not result to this, your head topples over and your body follows as you reach the ground in uncontrollable seizures. Nancy is now screaming. Her drugs have worked excellently today, you think as you slowly ease out of consciousness. As an overdose and intoxication lead you to death’s door, you remember that there was definitely something in the water.


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