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Skin Sin and other stories

Skin Sin and other stories

Skin is a precursor to sin, when I lean and see all that scene I can’t help but foresee an action that’s akin to sweet… sweet sin.

She walks by, her eyes try, but I’ve trained my thighs to hold high, either way the night is nigh, maybe if she allowed I could make her sigh or maybe cry

Okay sometimes I wonder, what a blunder it would be to tell her, of how much I’d like to plunder and soil her, probably let the thunder drown her cries as she grows louder, then I shudder.

Did I mention her eyes, with a background that lies and for a moment you’d think she tries to tie you to herself, oh my my, but Lord she’s fly

Anyway there’s this beauty by her neck, and those lips that make you fret, when she smacks them they become wet, it’s like a trap net, and then the mood is set, how long could we last, wanna bet? That’s a secret well kept 

So just like her chest rises, I do too, tuning to all sizes as she does too, her skin glows as the sun sets too, making the scene into one heck of lovely scene, her skin though, it’s still precedes sin, as I lean and look at the beautiful scene.



It’s been so long since I wrote, probably due to a lack of creative soberness, I’m just a boring mess nowadays, not even crazy things like being robbed give me the writing erection they used to… but today I read a post from Dennis Peters, his second one this week, a post called December and my creative juices rose in eruption, or at least I think they did… I believe sometimes we have to make an ode to the gods and hope to Nirvana that these stories come out alright.

Well, anywho I’m not planning to write, not tonight at least. My friends keep saying that two Guinness bottles are enough for one night, but tonight I decided to call them bluff and hit 4, you never know, but sometimes at critical points, ideas can be borne, so as I’m hitting continuous swigs it hits me, life has never been worse or rather better. I’m completing campus in a week or so and I can’t quite imagine what awaits me out there.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been waiting for this moment for the past three years, but now that it’s here, I feel like a dog that has been chasing a car and now that it’s caught it, doesn’t know what to do with it. Just a pause… if you’re expecting any philosophical life-changing reveal I swear you won’t get it, hint I actually started with a steamed sexually oriented poem.

Anyway, if you look at it in retrospect, I can swear I lived in campus, from loving and losing to losing then loving, to a deep-seated desire to drown my life in anything alcohol, lord it has been a road trip. Travelling. I swear the person I came in here as has totally been disillusioned and now I can say I’m only a shade of my former self. All in all, I’m happy to be alive, I have had a couple of life-threatening situations like cutting my finger… haha that’s no joke by the way people die for much less.

What I think I will most is the nonchalant attitude that campus holds for life, with no need to assume total responsibility for anything. Heck in the early 00’s you could get released from jail on account of having a student ID. Well, now we’re in the golden ages of collective responsibility and effortless law enforcement. Also in hindsight, there is an air force barracks just next to our university, I’ll probably miss that too. (P.S they sold alcohol at hilariously low prices).

In the end, we become what we were meant to be and if not we become more than we thought we could ever be. another step down means more to come, I hope I’ll be writing more since wherever I go, whatever I do, I hope I’ll never lose that aspect of mine that made me start this blog in the first place.


Look out for a piece next weekend, ill name it ’16 years into the 21st century’

Francis the lone puppeteer




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