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Disclaimer: Its not that the author has a dirty mind, its just that the author has a lot of adult content to share. More Disclaimers… Serena Williams is not eye candy,

Shes just hot…

I digress…

You get the point

I look at her across the clear cut grass and all I could think of is tight… the way her skin glows in the serene view and sticks to my eyes is just tight…
The way her body fills up the air around her is just tight..

Her clothes hug her in a way that I can only describe as tight…
Her pants stick to her skin tight, as she walks am aroused and my manhood rises, tight,
All I want to for a moment is be wrapped up with her tight,

Her hands lovely to the sight, thick to the eyes and looking at her all I can think is tight..
She would be a prize in bed… to.hold tight, to spend my energy making love until all I can say is tight, to love her with a love that can only be described as tight…
To eat her out till she holds my arms and legs tight..

But all I can do Is watch alright, from a distance as her body fits perfectly in my space tight
Shes a beauty, a lovely body, beautiful lady and her skin is just tight


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