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Lets just Hang

Lets Just Hang

In a miasma of pain and hurt sometimes its best to just chill,

Make a moment, not just a moment but a fucking epiphany, deal?

Then maybe stroll down to a nearby hotel for a meal…

Or maybe just maybe go up a tree, chill and hang…



We walk this alleys and pavements worn down,

Bitterness and pain in our hearts and souls sown,

A cool idea might be to fuck it all, take your ass to drink in town,

Or maybe just go chill up a tree and hang….


Suicide sometimes is an answer, forget the optimists,

I swear you can have fun if you just forget the obligations and task lists,

Maybe take ¬†puff or two and make some potent mist…

And then just then go up a tree, chill and maybe, just maybe, hang…

Francis the Lone Puppeteer


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