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Children of a Lesser God



Children of a Lesser God

Age is welcome, death is an ideal becoming. Sometimes the bedbugs don’t hurt so much, but when you’re an expert at timing, you can fend them off in the dead of night, believe me it’s not much…

Life has its humor though, when you see those pompous uppity types frown, or cringe in disgust at a stench or repulsive odor, which we have all too well known, and grown used to with time and age.

They say there’s a man upstairs who ensures balance and peace of mind to even the lesser of his creations, we who trod this earth marred in dirt and poverty, a testimony to the life of rations, to never having enough, to never laugh or love.

For we were told that money is everything and without it so would misery beckon, and true enough did we suffer for crimes unknown but to a plight heard and understood. And so we walk poor, bare and burdened to a life not chosen but imposed.

And we were told that our sins have ushered us away from a greater sovereign to a lesser power, a lesser God, to pray to who would never hear us like the former. And so as we wade through the murk and slum sewer, we do so in fear and a feeling of settling into our inferior lives, a life of allowing ourselves to always be lesser, because c’mon let’s face it, what greater power would heed to our calls?

Dear lesser God, we who are yours don’t intend to question you, or your plans Lord, but please lord give us peace and love in our times of turmoil, in our times of pain we children of a lesser God.

Francis Ndung’u Muoria

Francis The Lone Puppeteer


Sorry its been too long…




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