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Dynamite CandleLight


Dynamite Candlelight

You awake happy, I awake firm, you fondle my head carefully like a drooling puppy while the air around us remains calm,

We talk excitedly albeit passionately, a beautiful moment until surprisingly, you mention defiantly that you don’t like my tank tops while I look on animatedly…

It’s a blunder and a wonder, how much can go under, in those few moments when we disagree and down comes the thunder. You raise your voice louder, expecting that to your will I will buckle under.

We stand and face each other, with spite towards each other, the room becomes airtight, as we explode into anger alright, and we channel all our might into proving who amongst us is right.

Then the calm settles and peace reigns, we realize that outside it rains oblivious to our fights, and as down come the beautiful petals, we forget our strains, we forget our pains and embrace in love’s sight.

Later on we sit by a candle light, in romance having forgotten our fight, we reminisce on how explosive we are, and then we become pensive. One moment we could be under a candle light and the next we could be dynamite, ha-ha it’s almost like…

 Dynamite candlelight.

Words: Francis the Lone Puppeteer

Photography: Patrick Ambani

Featured: Dennis Peters & Mukiri Gitiri

[Mukirivity– Ingenious art and text made comparative]


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