Yes… She will Marry Me.

By Janet Miring’u

A beautiful reply to my post; Will You Marry Me?

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Today may have been a little overdone. A picnic, weird hand holding. Dude you know how much i hate PDA. Plus the wine was a dead give away.

The question still caught me off guard. So as i seat here trying to block out the loud business guys at the corner and the pretty ladies with too much make up gossiping behind me,  i desperately want to say yes. Every inch of my system is screaming it actually.
But it pains me that its not as genuine as i’d want it to be.

You saved me from myself. You sat next to me as i watched my boat sink. my heart was ripped right out of my chest as i watched him say “i do “. I knew i was broken but hell, even broken pieces shutter.

See, when you watch the one you love with your whole being love another, the one who stained your skin with his lips, caused you so much pain you walked around like a wounded animal. A  person whose ghost still haunts you. One who promised to love you forever. One whose cold words still burn your soul every time you remember how he ruthlessly, heartlessly pulled the rag from under your feet leaving you rudderless. Irreparable. You tend to forget what love feels like.

But then again as i sit here,  listening to you talk of me like am the fairest of them all, i remember how you look into my eyes like you can trace the galaxies in them. The way your eyes sparkle when i can’t shut up about all the dumb movies i watch. how you eagerly forgive my litany of mistakes. the way you hungered to read this dull small print book with torn pages and dirty stains and went ahead to call it pretty interesting.

I have come to the realization that i just don’t like your outside but your beautiful soul and magnificent intelligence. I have developed an amity to your hair, your mind, your mouth, hell i even like the way you smirk when that evil thought hangs around.

So i simply understand, actually now i thoroughly comprehend how much i need to be with you. I may not be in love with you, but i do sincerely and desperately love you. And am damn sure the love you have for me is sufficient for both of us. So as i stop trying to fight back the tears that are hanging close by, i will say in a voice i imagine will be calm…

“i thought you’d never ask”


Words: Janet Miring’u ( She outdid herself on this one)

No love was lost during the writing of this beautiful epic piece.




3 thoughts on “Yes… She will Marry Me.

  1. Many chicks never take pleas wen asked out….until you “i do”…that night all best they do is think of how much they want you.


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