Never let me go

We all start from somewhere,

Our eyes closed and our bodies closed tightly,

And then we breathe in the fresh air,

And our eyes open slightly.


We start walking then,

And start moving tides,

Slowly we reach age ten,

And as our bodies grow so do our minds.


We become better in life,

And start learning new things,

We understand the meaning of strife,

And at our doors youth in anticipation sings.


At a certain point we will make friends,

And love them like there’s no tomorrow,

We’ll have fun during weekends,

And our lives will have no sorrow.


Then comes the life crunch,

When our lives will be tested,

And encounter a knockout punch,

And with pain our lives will be infested.


Life will lose meaning for a brief moment,

And the fear of loneliness will reside,

But it will only be a postponement,

Of true love that will soon abide.


You win some, you lose some,

You can only go as far as you want to,

So don’t the blame to make you numb,

For all the people who have hurt you.


If you find true love, be happy and savor it,

If you succeed in life, be happy you made it,

For the real people in your life, love them,

And for the life of me, never lose them




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