In my arms


I was resigned to my fate the first time I laid eyes on her as she laid her attention on me. It was weird that she noticed my Versace t-shirt though it wasn’t really original but I pride myself with looking good at a cheap rate, so from that moment I knew this wouldn’t end easily, so we met again at the pool and she voiced her deep emotions as she narrated her previous relationship which to me indicated that she actually had a sense of longing, so I followed her train of thought and discovered that she was hiding in plain sight, she was lonely in a crowd, an intriguing beauty though with a kind of straightforwardness you only can get to hope and desire, I was hooked from the beginning but I was yet to understand her intentions towards me or her wants and her needs.

So we went out for a late supper at one of the joints I frequent and she actually voiced her troubles in full trust of me, oblivious to the fact that I could actually take advantage of her simplicity and mild trust in me, I was impressed she had proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had faith in a man’s ability to keep a secret or rather a man’s ability to be devoid of malice.

We kept a close connection, she maintaining a reserved stance and I maintaining a longing glance, so as the room full of liquor became a reality I couldn’t help my drunken state as she led me on, and the night became a reality with her hands all over my chest, as my arousal attained a climax and plummeted as she led my emotions to a stand still and all I saw was her silhouetted against the light and my mind too, so her laughter led to me to insanity, and as her fingers went through my hair and face I realized that I had lost all control and I wasn’t myself any longer and I pinned her to my bed, pleasure should be a word with only vowels, for as we pressed against each other on the wall with my lips guided by her incurable perspiration and her soft moans of intense passion there was the feeling of inner peace, as she sat on the table and I stood as if in a trance as her body guided me past illusion and into reality, and as I stood in front of her, fondling her entirety and being taken surprise by her need for me not to stop but to continue and to abandon all caution and to assume the worst or the best. As my drunken stupor tore me away from her embrace and I was left clinging to her fragrance and essence  that I may see her again if at least only once , If at least only once.

So as I write this I’ve not seen her in a while, the swan that raced me to the moon, she must know that she has to make a choice soon, that her indecisiveness will be her undoing and that her patience will turn into labor and her pain will be unmatched, if she could see what I see and try to stop being too close to the mirror and envision herself as I actually envision her, She needs a healers hand to forget old memories with those who would hurt her without a second’s thought, she needs a look into my world that she should be changed with a new understanding,

So as I wrote about her all I could think of was her tenacity and strength and maybe her will to be her own person and my will to see her become a true testament of herself.


In commemoration to a life well lived



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