Will You Marry Me?

Will you marry me?

It will not be a whisper, it will not be too loud, I swear I’ll try not to shake and stammer because well it will probably be in front of a lot of people. I’ll probably start with a cough, and an ahem loudly and hesitantly, then ill straighten my collar, because I believe it will be ruffled from all the fun we will have had that day, my shirt sleeves will be folded to my elbows too. Then ill raise my wine glass, filled to the brim with that Robertson wine you like, the one that makes you start hitting those high notes that freak me out, yea that one. With the tenacity of a seasoned smith ill clink its stem, I’m not sure whether ill clink it with a fork or spoon but those are nitty grit ties I can work out as we go along.

I’m not sure I will have gotten everyone’s attention by then, as for the ones I will have their attention it will be infused with melodrama. Some will be thinking am those drama king types who just want to be the center of attention, some will be thinking am a pastor, others a sales promotion guy, urging them to buy a big bottle of ointment that prevents all diseases known and unknown, some will think I’m drunk and look on amusedly hoping that I make an epic fool of myself so that they can upload my antiques all over the blasted internet. But I’ll be cool, I’ll stay my resolve and be tender in my appeal, probably throw in some words like how beautiful everyone looked… it will be a lie but it will work my way into their hearts gradually.

There’s one thing I’m sure of love… the moment I do open my mouth people will look, and they will be interested. I want this you see? I want the whole world to know that I belong to you and you belong to me. As a hindsight I’ll probably ask the waiter if its ok to abruptly interrupt everyone and make such a toast, if the waiter gives me the go ahead, all I will have to worry about will be my audience. The most difficult will be the business types, I can see them, one Kamau and Njuguna seated by a corner table, probably eating nyamachoma and some Tusker lite with two thousand shilling notes conveniently placed on the table. Their table will be crowded too, because I believe one of them will have placed his unreasonably large phone on the table too, as he reads something to the other guy at which they will both laugh and then assume business like facial expressions. They’ll probably not be so willing to listen to my public charade but well, I was thinking maybe I could say that ‘the love I have for you is the greatest investment I have ever made’ that will get their attention probably.

They will also be the old conservative types, the arranged marriage kinds, the ones who will think that all this public display of love will end in a divorce a year later or worse. I’ll show these pessimistic turds, I’ll show them, because well I do plan on loving you forever, there will also be that couple that came to sort out their differences and I do hope that with my little speech I could inspire them back to love. Dear love of my life, my small speech will probably go something like this;


“Good afternoon/ evening ladies and gentlemen, first of all I would like to steal a moment of your attention to share a beautiful moment with you. I would also like to assure you that it will be worth your time.

They say life is a flowing stream, with turbulence and raging waves and sometimes the stillness of stagnancy, but with every journey we take, we must arrive at our destination, and I have arrived at mine. I have found the one so to speak, I don’t say this with pride however but with the intent and resolve of a man determine to never fall out of love again.

You see, it’s not about how her eyes glimmer when she’s imploring me to do something stupid, or how her hand fits into mine like a baby in a cradle, or even how different her color is from mine. It’s how I feel when she tells me she loves me, when she says she wants to be with me, when she says she knows me.

Maybe I’m stupid in love, maybe I’m too young to know better, but should I wait to grow older… to understand why I should be with her and her with me, I will not deny the fear I have for commitment, I cannot sway away the fear that there will be many more men, greater or wealthier than I am, but the greatest risk is not taking a risk at all. With that I’d like to make a statement, that will probably be remembered or forgotten, but you see the most important thing is that it will always be from my heart,

So dear… will you marry me?


There will probably be ululations by the fanatic types, a laugh by the business types, a smirk by the old types, smiles plastered all over, some dramatic action from one of the waiters, if I’m lucky the hotel manager might step out to behold the spectacle, I’ll allow pictures then, as I’m one bended knee, holding a ring in a glass case, on a velvet cloth inside the case.

The sight and spectacle won’t be important, what will be important love is your reply…



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Francis the Lone Puppeteer


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