A Stale Night

A Stale Night

So I’ve been having these random bursts of awesome creativity but still I can’t quite handle the melodramatic pressure.

Let’s say maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye. And life can surprise you sometimes. We’re living in a world where village dwarfs marry socialites. I’m here thinking it all through and like Newton’s proverbial apple which made him discover laws still in mankind’s thought and preference to date, a throbbing hits me like a seizure. I’m left reeling as I gasp for poetic breath and I sigh. A sigh of hope, a sigh of wonder.

What I’m trying to say dear avid reader is I’m a sucker for love. A sucker for all good things considered and I love the course my life is taking since well I met someone or rather someone met me, or rather we met. I’m a sucker for love. A sucker for all good things considered, so here’s a totally un-related poem settling the water on an issue I’ve been thinking about for some time now. Read and follow me closely as the morning dawns on a stale night.

A Stale Night

Credits: “I’m playing it safe for now, you can’t show all your cards at once now, can you?”


“It’s a stale night” he said,

For the night had no flavor,

All alone his bed he had made,

And cold and distraught his mind wandered to a time when he felt safer.


“It’s funny though” he thought,

How timid he once was but how grateful he now is,

Peculiar even when he remembered how long he had sought,

But that now he had probably found peace.


“It’s a stale night still”,

When dawn is just but a whisper away,

Yes the touch of light he cannot even feel,

But all he’s anxious about is what she’ll wake up in the morning and say.


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