Campus Nomenclature #Entry 2

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Campus Nomenclature

Campus Nomenclature

#Entry 2


Good evening, previously on the Campus Nomenclature diaries…….

Ha-ha, coincidence much? Well in truth I’ve always wanted to say that, anyway back to what’s popping, trending and awesome because dear readers I have made a point to be a source of enlightenment to any of you who have subscribed to my blog, which reminds me if you haven’t followed my blog please do, enter you email address and be my life partner…. Forever…..

Ok I’ve recently had an encounter or rather experience which hit me so hard I just had to write about it…. It’s not bad though just intensively awakening, so to the Campus Nomenclature:

  1. “Kudungwa Kisu”: Probably the most used word in the average campus vocabulary, it’s however more prone to use by guys more than ladies in Campus. Let me divert to the origin, for all you gamers out there you’ve probably come across the game “Call of Duty” Modern Warfare or Ghost Protocol or any issue you have. For the non-gaming addicts, this is a game which allows you to take on an Avatar; that is a virtual character in the game who responds to your commands via input through a keyboard, the avatar I took on is called Soap Mactavish, ring a bell? Now the game also has a multiplayer feature where you can name your avatar anything you want (mine is called “The avenger” if you kill him he will avenge it) and compete against other players in a setting designed by the game, that means with 4 laptops (Or more limit being 27 laptops) you and three of your friends can play and fight against each other in the multiplayer setting and really have loads of mad fun. Ok back to the point at hand, oh wait, there’s something more, in the game preferably the multiplayer setting you’re accorded a gun, not one, two, a rifle and a hand gun, you chose which gun and handgun you prefer and proceed to use it in the game against your opponents, Now each player is also accorded a knife or dagger which is the same for all players but highly effective depending on how you use it, this is because a knife ensures victory with a single stroke unlike a gun which can miss or shoot blank shots continuously which are ineffective when you need points fast. For a fast individual in gaming like myself… brag much? A knife is a compatriot in COD and my opponents are bound to feel my wrath if they come across my knife wielding avatar (remember he’s called “The Avenger” and he’s a mean mother’s son). If your throat is slit or you’re stabbed the sound it makes is hilarious and funny as Hell, also it leaves you feeling defeated, as the bold words “YOU WERE KILLED” flash across your screen repeatedly. Now dear readers that’s how me and my friends came up with the word “Kudungwa Kisu”.

This word in the right Campus Nomenclature Context means to be seriously run over by the forces that be or by a fellow individual, its meaning stretches wide into the Campus Nomenclature and let me try to be as detailed as possible;

  • Let’s say you’ve placed a bet of let’s say 1000 Ksh and you’ve bet on an awesome team, football team, like Chelsea to beat Manchester City, then out of the devils slumber a nightmare from Hell hits you like a whirlwind when Chelsea are defeated by three unanswered goals (3-0) that dear Punter is “Kudungwa Kisu” in its full action-reaction effect.
  • Ok you feel the irony don’t you? Let’s say you’ve been building up your courage to talk to a lady who has been your crush for months on end, she’s been on your mind even more than the newly launched season 5 of suits. You get her number and you feel like a socialite, then you start seasoning your lines for when you do actually meet and you feel equipped and ready to dive into the risk. You tell your friends about it and one of them loans you a suit, you take it… after all it’s not like you can be arrested for dressing to kill. You buy tic-tacs from Naivas Supermarket to make sure, your breath is like peaches and coconuts floating on the ocean. Then you stalk her for when she comes out of work and casually approach her and even more casually strike a conversation with your fingers crossed …..God for you and us for you too…. Then she throws in a statement which makes you feel like you’ve been pumped full of lead, Bonnie and Clyde being an inadequate comparison “I have a boyfriend”. That dear “nigga” is “Kudungwa Kisu”
  • Let’s say you’ve been spending time with this guy who makes you act like a little girl and you keep on flipping and flicking non-existent hair, he keeps texting you and making you feel like you’re the only girl in the world, #Rihanna. He invites you for a friendly date with his friends and you agree because you’re thinking, he’s going to make it official. When you do get there he introduces you as “just a friend” and tells you that his girlfriend is on her way and you’ll meet her shortly. Scenario; Bad……Two words; “Kudungwa Kisu”
  • There’s this joke …. “A friend texted her friend and told her I’m with my dad and he checks my messages curiously so when the results for the last semester come out, text me “Have a lovely day” that is if the results are good…….. If they’re bad then text me “Say Hi to your dad for me” ….. the results came out and the friend texted back “Say Hi to your dad, your brother, your sister, your cousins, your whole village ahh even your chief” This dear readers, this scenario where you fail exams until the ancestors turn in their graves can only be described by two words; “Kudungwa Kisu”

Let me stop at that for today, I think I’m going to start an information blog, so that I can be posting information and other essential stuff you should know… who am I kidding… enjoy your day at least what’s left of it.

You should know by now that I’m trying to impress you, yes and here I the code word

#I’m that Awesome



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