This Is Different

“This is Different”

(Sequel to Tales of Anonymity)


The tales of anonymity continues with the saga unfolding, a simple heart for an unattainable dream, a peaceful mind for a horrendous, a lovely site for grotesque visage.


The stage is set. A young youthful chum sits by the corner of the large auditorium classroom obviously busy, another chum walks in and is excited at the prospect of seeing his compatriot, he resorts to walking towards him despite his friend’s efforts to ignore him)

(Exasperated, and excited, it’s an immediate folk this one that should be told in haste)

Me: ‘Hey tom I met her, I’m really sure I met her this time.’

(Disinterested he’s heard this before…)

Tom: ‘Umm I’m busy right now so tell me this tom-foolery later’

(Desperate to be heard)

Me: ‘No I really mean it this time…. this is not the usual ‘I get easily excited by new faces shit.’ ‘This is some real stuff man’

(Adamant to ignore any news)

Tom: ‘You always say that…..’

(Unperturbed by the constant blankness and refusal of his compatriot to indulge him)

Me: ‘Not this time man, she’s different, I swear on the *limpala dance she’s different man’

(Finally giving in)

Tom: ‘Ok gimme the damage’

(Pleased that he has acquired a new audience, he begins…. a dreamy look about him)

Me: ‘She’s graceful, she’s lovely, she’s everything man.’

(Mild interest, asks suggestively)

Tom: ‘Outdoor or indoor features’

(Taken aback somewhat)

Me: ‘Well I can’t comment on indoor…… but she packs a turbo casing on the exterior’

(Eager to have his question answered)

Tom: ‘Okay design?’

(A look of understanding dawns)

Me: ‘I swear logos have nothing on this one and she’s warm too’

(Perked interest, he looks apprehensive)

Tom: ‘Warm? Gimme more’

(Genuinely loving the flow of their conversation… he feels in touch with what he’s talking about)

Me: ‘She was so open to my greeting and hallo, she kind of liked me too’

(Back to his former resolute self)

Tom: ‘You always say that man.’

(Insisting…. reasonable distraught)

Me: ‘NO man she’s different.’

(Suppressed chuckle)

Tom: ‘Okay man don’t throw a hussy fit… predictions?’

(Visibly annoyed but pausing to re-analyze the question asked, he adopts a forlorn look)

Me: ‘She’ll probably fleece me dry and leave me open and prey oriented, yah, but there’s something worth looking for here.’

(Totally immersed now in the conversation)

Tom: ‘So she’s a rich kid?’

(Hesitation, then… eureka moment)

Me: ‘Well she stays in Nyeri View… So even if she is rich, she understands “It’s hard for a nigga out here”

(Visibly amused)

Tom: ‘Nyeri view? So you know where she lives now? Ok Parents names?’

(Not appreciating the humor… then another sigh of exasperation)

Me: ‘Man I’m serious here plus I only got her one name; Carol’

(Holding his chin pondering deeply)

Tom: ‘Okay sounds reasonable enough.’

(Really in tune with his thoughts allowing himself time to reminisce)

Me: ‘Yah I’ve got a good feeling with this one.’

(Waking from his stupor, he pledges his support)

Tom: ‘Okay I heart you nigga, so deliberations?’

(Having a resolute determined look about him)

Me: ‘Fight for her, should be the usual tact or nah?’

(Distancing himself)

Tom: ‘I’d say yes but this habit of visualizing your destiny with ladies you’ve just met happens to re-occur a lot, so I’ll be a bench sitter for now.’

(Unchanged by the comment)

Me: ‘This might be a good thing, a good thing indeed… now to get her number.’


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