Jealous- leave her for me …….. by Angela Francis

So this is Angela Francis the writer, she’s awesome and she has a cloud Atlas attitude about her,

I hung my towel on a thin line, turned on the shower and stood under it. Looking down on the light green herbal soap,I could feel the water getting warmer, I picked it up. The pores on my skin started to open up.
‘That’s a terrible shirt.’ Silence.
‘That’s a terrible thing to say to a stranger.’
‘Call me A,a friend.’
‘Andrew.’He shook my hand.
‘Andy,nice name. Still that’s a terrible shirt for such a handsome face.’
‘How long have we been friends?Forever?’
‘Don’t be silly, we’ve only just met besides we will be friends for a long time.’

I tilted my head a bit letting the water miss my just braided hair underneath a pink shower cap. I picked my face towel and soaped it. Gently rubbing it through my neck I let the water flow to my knees.
‘I hurt my knee yesterday while bike riding.’ Andrew winced in pain.
I retracted the books I had thrown on his knee, laughing.’Did it hurt?’
‘You could stand to be more compassionate.’
‘And pretend this is not funny?’ I rubbed his hurt knee.’We are still going for that walk.’
‘It’s at night!’
‘There are flood lights everywhere. You scared?’

Stepping out of the shower, I kneaded the black towel on me then threw it on my bed.
‘You take too long to clean up.’
Andrew pulled away his towel taking a big tin on Vaseline body oil. His was  a slim ebony frame of masculine. I stared at his chest it had no scar. Why did it have no scar?
‘You are going to dance with me all night.’ Now he sprayed a generous measure of perfume on him.
‘How will I breath with all that?’
‘You just will.’

These orange laced panties were lovely. Especially with those orange laced bra. And soft too. I thought pulling up the panties. I braced the bra. Then I squeezed on my perfume until I deemed it enough.
‘You okay?’
‘Yes. Yes.’ I loved the way his breath heat up my collar bone. I precisely loved that his tall frame fit mine like lungs to its ribcage. Never out of place.
‘A,I’d do anything for you.’
‘Sure you would. You are scared of me.’
Andrew made me look into his eyes.’I’m serious.’ He was leaning in too close.
‘That’s my favourite song.’ I broke away.

New. I tried on the new blue dress I had bought for my birthday and stood against the mirror.
‘That doesn’t fit you!’ I told Andrew. He took the shirt off and shoved it away.
‘Now what will I wear? I…’ He shrieked . I saw fingers wrap his waist from behind. ‘I guess you haven’t met Stella.’ He said as Stella turned to see me seated on a chair.
‘S.Sorry for that. You are pretty.’

7:35 pm. Andrew was yet to call. He should not miss to. He had promised to attend my bash. I put the phone down then fished out the green nail polish. I popped it open and spread out my fingers.
‘We should go to Brian’s house warming.’
Andrew spread Stella’s fingers before kissing them. Silence befell the room as he appeared to be deep in thought.
‘Stella and I had this movie that we wanted to watch. Or Stella?’ He nudged her as she was resting on his lap.’You want to go?’ She nodded her head in a no.
‘Enjoy your night.’

I grabbed the brown concealer and rubbed some on my palms.
There had been an awkward silence when Andrew’s palms and mine had touched. We had maintained eye contact a tad bit too long. He fished out some popcorn out of a bowl.
‘Let me squeeze in here.’ Stella sat between us. ‘What’s trending?’
‘The Fault In Our Stars.’ He shot me a look and chewed on. Francis leaned forward to press play.

I had slipped on my grey coat and was standing in front of the mirror when my phone lit up. I jumped for it.
‘You haven’t showed up yet!’
‘Where are you at?’
‘Back at my place?’
‘It’s, …8:07!’
‘About that, I can’t make it. Save me a slice…’
‘Why? Why can’t you make it?
‘Stella and I…’
I placed the phone on my bed. Shoes off. He’s not coming. My coat fell as I undid my last button. So pretty. I failed at ripping the dress off me. I slammed my back against the wall sliding to the ground. My chest was swelling up so I pulled my legs close to me. Heart,be gentle.
‘Leave her for me.’


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