The Relocation

In Pursuit Of the Lone Puppeteer

I am neither Within Nor Without


I moved to a new place today… the experience is well quite different.

I feel lonely, as if I have embarked on challenging the world alone. It feels scary…. even a bit worrying too. You see dear readers I am conservative by nature and change doesn’t come easily to me but this time I allowed myself to be swept away in the wave of future promise and unbecoming tidings.

“A sound system, bed, laptop, gas cooker, clothes, some books is not a bad way to start” I muse to myself but it’s going to be an uphill climb. It’s funny since I am now literally the lone puppeteer, heck this room feels so big compared to the previous one I stayed in.

The big picture is quite unfinished dear readers but the beauty of life is living in ignorance of the societal and peer set rules. I watched this movie, sorry I should rephrase I re watched this movie for the umpteenth time with some friends last weekend, it’s calledGuzaarish” An Indian movie of a man who wishes his own death after he has achieved numerous successes and achievements as a paraplegic, a state he was confined to twelve years ago after a magic trick went horribly wrong. Despite the overwhelming sadness in the epic tale there’s a momentous challenge that appeals to me every time my eyes peer into the world of the main character in that disastrously sad movie. A challenge dear readers…. to defeat myself, defeat my fears and become the who I am supposed to be……. feel me?

There are certain comfort zones in life we have to move out from dear readers and which actually prevent us from becoming the true us. At this point I feel my words might not make sense unless I attach some rhythm to them… Read on I call this “In pursuit of the Puppeteer”

In Pursuit of the Puppeteer

He’s is most elusive the lone puppeteer, almost like a mirage in a scorching barren desolation,

I desire to meet this defiant creature that my eyes may lay claim to his presence,

For I have not yet found the truth in the people and in my nation,

But somehow I feel he will help me make sense of the inhumanity and the all-around decadence,


Have you seen the lone puppeteer?

The man who holds a touch of destiny, a touch of mystery,

The presence which requires a piece of me to steer,

The lone puppeteer who stands between the door of openness and utter secrecy.


“I am here dear sojourner from distant lands,

I am here to quench your long thirst for the purest of life’s waters,

For I am the lone puppeteer……. I am the object of your search and the truth you seek,

I am every answer to your every question, I am the lone puppeteer.


Look at me and beam with pride for I am you, I am you….

The you that desires no respite, the you that has conquered all,

Take my hand and follow me for I am the controller of your destiny,

I see you and know you and live like you, look at me and understand that in me there is you,

No Francis, no Dear reader do not wear yourself out any longer but have pride and peace in the fact that you have indeed ended your search and in your pursuit you have indeed found the lone puppeteer not without but within.


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4 thoughts on “The Relocation

  1. Guzaarish was real sad. I don’t understand why you would re-watch it. That is like hitting yourself hard on the head, excruciating pain, then hitting yourself hard again on the damn head like you forgot about last time!

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