Warning; the following article contains graphical use of the Swahili language mixed irresponsibly with shades of Swahili slang better identified by the term “Sheng” Read only if your patriotic interests do not interfere with your reading interests. And most importantly don’t forget to have fun.

Hello dear Readers it’s a lovely Friday on the Eve of Eid Mubarak and the weather is just a beacon to all, and I’m here jotting down the Latin conversion of Campus Nomenclature. You all remember Binomial Nomenclature don’t you? Well I have….. after intense research come up with the equal and subversive way of viewing campus life in general and describing words and situations as they occur.

Let’s start on a lighter note, the following are words which are used by your average campus individual to describe daily dilly dallies in a most auspicious and lovely way:

  1. “Turn up”: An intense word, origin American hype and music propaganda, don’t be confused by its literal meaning for this is a word that bestowed on the lips of the wise actually means showing up dressed appropriately and in a well state of balanced drunkenness and psycho-motive abilities to a famous party in Campus or a club near your Campus.
  2. “My nigga”: We all know the origin of this word, but dear readers the word has acquired new critical acclaim for it is now a word that describes a brother to a brother, mostly a dark skinned brother but nevertheless a brother. A mutual relationship exists between brothers and only the word “My nigga” can best express this relationship in the purest of ways possible.
  3. “Kupata form”: It is a widely used term, and its meanings stretch their roots deep into modern Kenyan Campus societies.

Believe me dear readers there is no form issuance or form application in this statement, but the hidden knowledge behind this term which has only been bestowed on a few is acquiring awesome plans worthy of envy. “Kupata form” is being invited to a party your friends have not been invited to, it is dating a pretty chiq while all your friends are languishing in year old dry spells. Yes dear avid reader that is “Kupata Form”

  1. “Kutokwa/Kurukwa/ kujuliusiwa: Add hashtag “Kudungwa Kisu” (#Kudungwa Kisu) to the start I will explain that term in-depth and clarity later on in the Campus Nomenclature Diaries. The term means being double-crossed or simply being left out. Individuals in campus are known for leaving out fellow friends in certain ventures depending on the viability of the venture and what he or she stands to gain from the venture. For Example…. Follow me closely…… “A nigga may pata form which happens to be a chiq friend visiting him on a Saturday which he and fellow niggas had planned to play “FIFA” this nigga will resultantly “toka” his friends and instead spend the day with his lady friend…. This dear readers is called “kutokwa”. However if a person fleeces you of a debt he owes you and ceases to exist such that you cannot find him even at his residence you have also been “tokwad”

I hope your knowledge for Campus Nomenclature is increasing so let’s move on to more suggestive utterances which are bound to change the way you hear things.

  1. “Kupigwa Exile”: For the life of me I love this one, mainly because if you think about it exile is when you are living on foreign soil due to factors at your home country which threaten your stay. You’ll be pleased to know dear readers that this Campus Nomenclature term simply means the same thing but the ingenious behind it is amazing. If you are two in a room let’s say ladies and one amongst you has her boyfriend from abroad (the united states of Kisumu) Coming over. The result is that one of you will have to look for a different place to stay the night presumably at a friends, to allow the two some privacy to catch up and of course have sessions of watching animation movies……. Hehe….. Dear sister you have just experienced “Kupigwa Exile” in its full glow and power.

However “Kupigwa Exile” is a deep term and its meaning should not be construed to singularity there are types of “Kupigwa exile”:

  1. Single exile: where one person is exiled for the benefit of another
  2. Double exile: where two are exiled for the benefit of one another in a three roomed confinement.
  3. Triple and Quadruple exile: where three or more people are exiled for the benefit of another, it is my sincere opinion that individuals who succeed in the above exile should be political aspirants in marginalized areas in Kenya….. Disclaimer….
  4. “Kuenda missing”; Don’t be alarmed dear readers this term simply means that an individual has gone to spend their weekend with their boyfriend or girlfriend overseas (read anywhere else apart from where he or she stays) and has stayed for more than the days which were earlier agreed upon with friends and sometimes…. On very rare occasions family.
  5. “Kukutwa Mavitu”; Ok I will have to be delicate with this one, this is the art of assuming conjugation rights between two parties of willing consent in a sort of willing buyer willing seller scenario. Or lovemaking, the person who came up with this word dear readers must have had serious issues, nonetheless it is a widely used term and its use extends widely in the Campus Nomenclature

Let me end there for now so as to evaluate the response you shall accord me, but this is not the end of the Campus Nomenclature.

Yours truly

The lone Puppeteer/ Puppet master





  1. waaaaaah awesome sikuwa najua hiyo ya mavitu aki ebu endelea I’m waiting like waiting for quails from heaven hehehe #Sijui kuandika hiyo mkate

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