Premonitions From My Past

A curious title, isn’t it? But I have been having numerous premonitions from my past, Call it a state of denial or whatever fills your plate, but I call it a state of enhanced reasoning. The boy who was…… is, no longer and in his place a man is born. And the government shall be upon his shoulders….. sorry I got carried away, religion can do that sometimes.

Back to the premonitions from my past, I have been having these dreams dear readers of a past which occurs in my present, of a long forgotten future so to speak, of a man who becomes a boy and a death which brings forth life.

It all started unmistakably in the most unexpected of ways, with a brush on my shoulder. It wasn’t the person behind the interaction nor was it the intention they had. It was the indifference the brush had. A simple brush across my shoulder, not too urgent and not unintended either. It had a feminine semblance but a rather odd masculine touch. But believe it or not dear readers that when I did in fact turn my attention to behold the origin of this fairy tale there was, ……emptiness….. a loneliness, and the commencement of the premonitions from my past.

Kimathi University, the harness through which I shall ride this chariot to my doom and gloom or to my powerful gore and victory. A beautiful place where my mind has wandered on the countless possibilities that lay before me and my soul has been re-incarnated to belong. To become one with the surrounding. To be reborn a warrior. In this place I have declared war with my fears and lost my innocence in the sweetest of ways. I have seen the destruction of a toxic upbringing and witnessed the majesty of a simple lifestyle. The premonitions show me a man. A man standing at the entrance to this school urging others to come and taste from the well. Dear readers do not allow the entanglement of these words to lose you but see the essence of my call. For the man who stands and cries for enlightenment among the masses isn’t me. But a shadow of me, a man I long to meet.

I left a part of me in my past. The past is surely passed dear readers for I have not once met with the self of mine that I disinherited so long ago. But he talks to me, mostly in my lonesome hours and reminds me of who he was……. who I was, What I stood for and the image of what I have become. Dear readers it  is a tale of regret and loss this tale of mine. It is a tale of a mirror which was shattered into pieces and the reflection which never was.

So about the premonitions from my past. There’s a whisper in the air, that is reminding me of my roots and taking me by surprise and allowing me to dwell in my memories. I am becoming myself, I am developing into something greater, stronger and wiser. These premonitions enhance me and make me see the truth in everything i do, and the fallacy in the things I don’t.

Do you feel lonely, unwanted, sad and misunderstood? Let the dreams you had as a child guide you and protect you. For we were all born in parallel destinies all with an optimum convergence and end. I miss you my past for in you life was worth living.

Dear readers these are the premonitions from my past which have given me no peace in the days before and will continue causing unrest in my mind in the days ahead..



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