The Diary of The Puppet Master

The Diary of the Puppet Master

Who are we in this labyrinth we call life? I refuse to abject myself to normalcy as I let this thoughts flow freely from my grasp, as I ask myself questions…… no not questions but answers with a hint of subjective reasoning, as I seek to unravel the mystery of who I am and what I stand for and most importantly what I am made of and who I am supposed to be.

Am I the Sock? To be worn on daily basis to fit in every leg, to be trodden upon daily and to fear no stale odor nor incessant heat. Am I the social climber the popular ladies’ man that always has to be noticed? Am I the smooth talker that can lure any one into their grasp? Am I the populist who holds the opinion of the masses? Am I the beautiful pearl in every lover’s eye that is to be adorned? Am I the high heel lady with a tinge of too much face on my make up? Am I the embodiment of beauty with my untoward hips and large arrears?  Am I beautiful, am I lovely am I fetching?

Am I the musician who can play no sour note? Am I the tongue kisser who possess a map to Nirvana? Am I the perfect dancer who can contort his body to the most wonderful of tunes? Am I the lover who seeks the one in his every waking hour? Am I the chested bulk that hovers threateningly over all who dare to impose or even challenge his awesomeness? Am I the coward who runs in the face of love? Am I the loner who keeps to himself most of the time for fear of being misunderstood nay for fear of being ridiculed……. for fear of embarrassment. Am I the polite nice guy who will let you pass first, who will let you copy my work even though I am sure I’ll be penalized for it. Am I the Slob who’ll never complete anything except a movie? Am I the teacher’s protégé who will answer even rhetorical questions posed in class? Am I tiring? Am I boring? Am I a nuisance? Am I incessant? Am I annoying?

Am I the sour loser who’ll never admit to his pain? Am I the one and only? Am I the heartbreak kid who knows no joy, who knows no peace? Am I the haunted house that wails in the distance? Am I the crying lady atop the cleft of the hill that mourns for death? Am I the pure of heart that shall inherit Heaven’s bright lights and treasures?

Am I what you want? Am I all you need? Am I enough for you? Am I good enough? Am I a tad bit too drunk?

Is it wrong that I want to have it all?

Am I dead? Is this what I’m living for?

Are you my girlfriend? My lover? Am I your friend?

Am I anything, am I something? Or maybe am I nothing?

Am I incorruptible, am I visible or better yet am I lovable?

Puppeteer-AstroPuppeteer Diary


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