Lest We Forget The Twilight Construction Crew

The Morning After

The Culmination of the Twilight Construction Crew Saga

Part 3

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“Hehe usiku wa leo utakuwa ngori sana” The words kept ringing in his mind as the truth of what the officer in charge of the beat down Nyeri police station had said. It would be a tough night. He let his thoughts wander freely, as he imprisoned his senses further lest his eyes beheld the mountain of shit at the corner of the sweaty cell and in response told his nose to smell this three day plus excrement, it would be a tough night indeed, none of the guys were in a talking mood. Mike, Paul or even the persona, theirs was a tale of distrust for their cellmates kept eyeing them greedily with a look of hunger about them, the best thing was to keep silent and huddled closely together, it was going to be a tough night, a very tough night indeed. But none of us should dare forget that this is in fact the twilight construction crew.

The ladies fared better, except for the nibbling of what was conceived as bedbugs at their open feet, Mary kept on scratching her hair too and Fiona had a look of being violated upon her face, it was proving to be a tough night for them too. A female lady probably in her twenties had sat close to them after briefly narrating how she had been arrested for adorning too short a skirt, and some utterances about harassments and an officer using his baton to poke her in her nether areas. It was a tough night for everyone. “Usiku ngori sana” A tough night it would be for the self-unproclaim twilight construction crew.

The idea that Mike had been an official in Kimathi University’s Christian Union would probably have elicited an uproar of laughter from his friends. He was a by the book individual with Christ as his only confidant and chastity and purity and gospel truth all wrapped up in one package of goodness and trust. But like the dashing power of temptation that led all men to sin, he too had fallen prey to it in the form of a woman. She was like an oasis in Makueni, and had an name that reminded you of  “The Notebook”  a sight to behold, long were their walks to Bomas, long were their Group discussions, long were the movies they watched, long but beautiful, for in his stupid virgin eyes Mike had found true love and had forgotten the way of the cross. When he did find her being fondled and vigorously being frisked in a sexually forbidden fashion at Farmhouse during the cultural week his glass of pure love shattered, he never talked with her or God again, he quickly became a servant of the bottle and a partaker of the forbidden fruit, a drastic turn indeed for a man so pious. But in the lure of the night Mike did find himself praying, a short silent prayer that he no longer wanted ……Oh Lord to be……. In the Twilight Construction Crew.

“Aki this is gross” Fiona interrupted the silence in the cell, her remark was quickly interrupted by drunken laughter, the other ladies couldn’t give a care for her they actually felt a sort of self-righteousness and vindication, who did these campus chips funga think they were? Dressing up in tight skirts making us look old and taking all the attention from us? Nyeri is ours. Just because they’re in campus doesn’t mean they can walk all over us and get away with it. It took a while for the laughter to die down, a lot was conveyed through it. And Fiona understood. She lost her virginity when she was way too young and ever since then her legs had developed a tendency of spreading. She felt sorry for herself and resented what she had become. A used up has been. A stained white linen cloth. Mary’s issues were deeper, she had watched her dad beat up her mother for nights on end until both her mother and her left that harrowing house they had called a home for thirteen years wounded and devoid of all pride. It’s ironic though that she took after him, her father, in her drinking sprees weekend after weekend, it is true; “gone are the days when girls used to cook like their mothers and with us are the days when they drink like their fathers.” Maybe that’s why she felt no remorse for the men in some more remote parts of Nyeri whose instruments of offspring creation had been cut off, she resented her father and her daddy issues had started long before she unknowingly joined the twilight construction crew.

Paul shivered in silence, he hated what the night had turned out to be, he had a reputation to uphold and this wasn’t doing any good to his campus popularity scale. He was a ladies man trained in the art of PDS (Public display of seduction) not PDA (public display of Affection) A true “FISI”. He’d lost count of the asses he’d hit, sometimes his friends used to play a game where he’d stand at the New Mess balcony and as each and every girl passed by they would ask him “Did you hit that?” His mind had lately been on Agnes, a beautiful lady, she had tantalizing lips and a face that made you check yourself, he’d invited her to come rave with him and his friends that fateful night unaware of what would befall his twilight construction crew.

All of a sudden a loud clatter of batons woke everyone from their thinking stupor, it was the officer in charge. He walked to the male cell hold with pompous look of achievement about him, “Nyinyi watatu simameni haraka mmekujiwa” The three guys stood up nervously and walked out of the cell leaving their cellmates with a look of grimace and hatred, they felt betrayed the guys should have stayed the night at least. They walked out of the holding cell block and out into the cold air just before morning and found the persona’s cousin Freddy talking to the officer to release the fourth lady whom the girls had met in the hold and now felt obligated to treat as one of their own. He agreed with some currency oriented persuasion and the seven boarded his fielder as he drove them from what had proved to be a place of misery and pain for the last three hours for the twilight construction crew.

The drive to greens was a short one with the exception of The persona explaining that he’d texted his cousin from the minute they were bundled up in the ill-fated land rover and everyone looking at him with a glow of appreciation. It had been a tough night but each and every one of them had managed to capture a blurred image of who they were and who they were supposed to be. Agnes sighed as she comfortably adjusted herself on Paul’s lap and Freddy drove on in full illumination by the street lights as he sped up the lighted slope heading for the green’s hostel. It had been a tough night but they had survived. That was the twilight construction crew.

Hey dear Avid Reader this marks the end of the twilight construction crew saga which was intended to be a three part series. Thank you for following it so keenly and make sure you understand the message behind the theatrics and below the belt humor.

Yours truly

Francis Muoria

The Lone Puppet master / Puppeteer




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  1. Good job,Sir.

    But you may want to tone down on the egregious connotations touching on eroticization.It will help you in elevating your niche as a creative writer.

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