The Tale Continues

Who is the Twilight Construction Crew?  

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The Twilight CC Part 1

The hip hop trail is soon overpowered by a powerful dancehall ‘orchestra’ and the four leave the Bells club for greener pastures, they’re not completely drunk yet, They pick a visibly distraught Mike and Fiona downstairs and proceed with them uptown as they gleefully chat on the amazing dancing techniques of Agnes and Paul. The night is young and as the alcohol begins to take more effect the six become more intoxicated and more livid of their hopes and dreams. This is the twilight construction crew.

Mike begins talking of his numerous supplementary exams and how his dad would kill him if he found out, Fiona talks of her last three boyfriends and how they left her after a vigorous one night encounter, long tales of interest and disinterest surface and resurface on the long road to the County palace. Paul takes lead at the entrance where the six enter without any qualms and proceed to the counter for a spiritual refreshment i.e. wines and spirits, an energetic Mary and the three guys in the vicinity take the dance floor forming an unbalanced circle where various moves are displayed and undertaken to the pleasure and celebratory involvement of on lookers. This is the twilight construction crew.

Song after song sends a shriek from the three ladies when Fiona and Agnes join Mary to the laughter of the guys, The DJ apparently notices the small crowd of gathering interest and ups his game in a desire to kill the night with the awesome st tunes the world has ever beheld, he succeeds as more people pour on the dance floor which the twin trio has taken hostage, Paul all of a sudden lifts Agnes off her feet and places her on his lap as everyone bows down in a Nigerian fashion saying ‘igweeee’….. ‘Igweeee’… Agnes bounces formidably on his lap in a sexually provocative manner as another drunken couple try the same but end up falling on their faces down the adjacent stairs much to the amusement of some waiters. More people pour onto the dancefloor. A strain of sweat is visible on Mary as she wiggles her way past her problems of an inattentive father and ever busy mother, the persona takes three more bouts of beer for the night can be wished away if he is in a proper drunken state. Mike and Fiona retreat to a more secluded section of the Lounge as Mike, a first year Commerce student, professes his love to Fiona, a third year student in electrical Engineering, whilst she blushes awkwardly to the guys fresh pickup lines, their momentous kissing is rudely interrupted by the menacing bouncer who oblivious of the couples mood sway demands to know the whereabouts of their drinks, at that note the six walk out of the County Palace much to the dismay of some bystanders who had noticed their awesome rhythmical enchantment, but the six walk out with no qualms they’ve had their fill of the place anyway. This is the twilight construction crew.

They briskly make their way to the adjacent Dreams Club, where they order even more drinks after which they proceed to order some meat from the club waiter, it’s evident they have come to spend. Mike sits for a while as the rest gallop to the dance floor, in moments he falls to a drunken stupor as an autopilot mode takes effect as he snoozes off in a drunken haze, the five continue oblivious of the rough looking short dented character with a look of mischief about him, who sizes Mike up and proceeds to dispossess him in a discrete fashion whilst he sleeps unaware of the affairs around him, in which he succeeds immensely. This is the twilight construction crew.

The meat arrives and the five resume their seating positions at the table of the now awake Mike who rants constantly that he’s been robbed in an agitated fashion while the rest listen to his tales in bewilderment. The meat is reduced to bones in moments as the six decide to leave the comfort of their seats and rest their heavily worked bodies to their place of rest. They leave the club and Mary decides randomly that they should check out the Happy times Club in an attempt to see the turn up and music in the place. This is the twilight construction crew.

None of them, even the persona saw the glaring headlights in the distance nor the ominous look they were being sized up with by the greedy law enforcers who accelerated towards the direction of the six in an attempt to corner them and consequently arrest them. None of them even noticed the screech of brakes behind them as the land rover pulled over in defiance to the curb, but they all noticed the six policemen as they quickly bundled them into the cold land rover carrier and started moving towards the police station in resolved intent to give them a night they would remember or rather never forget.

That was the twilight construction crew.

Hello dear avid readers this marks the end of part two of the twilight construction crew, their story is a three part series and it will end next week as I finally complete the story of the six and their live long grandeur. Thank you for being a reader

since the Saga is complete if you do feel the need to complete this story Read the End of The twilight construction Crew by clicking the the link below.

Twilight Construction Crew Part 3 

Just to avoid confusion I am Francis Ndung’u, a now third year BBIT student in Kimathi University. An avid writer and a supporter of other writer’s blogs. Thank you for reading my articles such as the nice guy, the Kimathi Love Doctor, the drunk Tenant, The Twilight Construction Crew and more. I will continue writing look out for more.



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  1. Ahem, the Maestro continues with his love for letters, words, pieces, essays and now this,am proud of you,..wish I did the same,…but words dont haunt me,..too bad,..congratulations Francis Muoria,.

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