The Final Letter Of The Kimathi Love Doctor

The Final Letter of ‘The Kimathi Love Doctor’

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The First Letter Of The Kimathi Love Doctor


What is love, some might argue that it is the greatest commandment, the deepest of human emotions so to speak, join me as I uncover the Kimathi Love doctor’s secrets.

I have been silent of late, too silent, call it writers butt but I prefer calling it an intense moment of self-realization. In my own pursuit of love I have rediscovered its entirety and resolved that I am no candidate for such.

You can see them in a drunken haze as they sought out for love in clubs and parties, these poor souls will definitely be in need of my treatment for my words are an aesthesia to the soul, a numbing effect to the soul rather.

So it’s not odd for me to visualize chatting with a single lady from ten pm up to one am, it’s a new night bundle riddled Kenya and were savoring the moment, as I utter numerous promises into her ever dilated eyes as she takes them in one by one like a baited hook, I wait patiently for the sound of love for even in this day and age a simple text thread can cause a ripple of love.

So whenever I attend karaoke events and sing “Bruno Mars just the way you are” and “Omi’s song Cheerleader” I’m actually being sincere, sometimes ladies are too close to the mirror to see what we guys actually see. To see the beauty that can only be beheld for its not once that I have seen two seemingly unmatched people walking hand in hand.

Maybe it’s the first years that inspire me so, the love in the air is just intense, from the groupies to Bomas late at night to the ‘well’ balanced study groups that often have more ladies than guys since it’s the finals week, it’s just a wonder, It’s a surprise how I always keep telling Fiona from Batian hostel to book me a seat next to hers coz apparently I like her handwriting and I don’t do dictation.

I am who I am dear readers, I am the love doctor, a feature in this game of love, and I have found its source, all of us can love or be loved it’s just a matter of accepting who we are on the inside or even the outside, you don’t have to wear high heels to prove a point or be loaded to be able to take out three ladies at a go and spoil them with expensive liquor. It’s a matter of the heart where the heart wants what it wants, it’s not a material oriented feeling this, it’s a feeling where I want to spend time with you, I love your company, I want to be with you whenever I can.

There are those critics of the love doctor however those too school for cool kind, it’s good to study don’t get me wrong but don’t let life pass you by as you search for the national treasure, after all you only die once, so no matter the number of times the guards at the school gate ask for my school identification card I won’t be vexed I’m going to see her, and ask her how her day was and say how mine was depending on whether hers was good or not.

It warms my heart when I think of love, the greatest commandment, the deepest of human emotions, I have been your love doctor, precisely the Kimathi Love Doctor.




12 thoughts on “The Final Letter Of The Kimathi Love Doctor

  1. yuv actuly won the title… n kn i book an appointment with my love doc@ kimathi clinic…. iv been unwell fo some time and my symptoms r getting worse

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