Things I am Yet To Understand

Things I don’t Understand

Some memories are too awesome to leave out the reminiscent feeling that follows them. Recollection is a natural instinct that comes to all men and women alike, I am a victim of recollection, guess you can say I am a sucker for the good old days, but deep within the confines of my mind I can’t help but shudder or visualize thoughtfully of who I was, what I became or even who I will turn out to be.

All of us can remember our first loves, true. Mine had those adorable loops that used to be fashioned by girls those days when KTN was still the clearest service provider in the game. I used to fantasize of these super romantic moments when I would envision myself seated with her in a bus as she told me of all her kittens and puppies back home, don’t judge me I was in class three that was my definition of true love, she had this gracious handwriting that made mine look like the Mayan Calendar or some long lost Archaeological findings, cupids arrow had struck deep in this young mind, so deep it hurt.

I can’t also forget the myriad of moments I found myself in trouble like when me and a couple of boys decided to compete who could hold their bladder longest, it was bitter fight of which we brilliantly displayed the results on our then Science teachers garden, after all she was teaching us science. It became the talk of the entire school as we were paraded on Monday morning by our deputy as he vehemently preached on the abuse of school property and also as the incessant uproar of laughter as even the minor lings pointed at us in shame and scorn. When I think about it now it’s not as magnified as it was though you have to put into account that everybody called me *leaker for a better part of that term in school.

Maybe I can choose to forget when my social studies teacher caught me catching a brisk snooze and proceeded to bad mouth me in front of the whole class which had a mutual respect for me. A man you respect saying you tend to engage in armed robbery at night and that is the most adequate reason to explain why you can’t stay awake in class was pretty heart wrenching. Plus saying the guy was boring is an understatement, But you pay your dues and move on you can’t stay in one place forever you know.

After my grandpa died it kind of reminded me that death is always a knock away at times, losing the man touched a soft spot in my heart, since I never thought he could actually die. He was the kind of person who knew the difference between improving in your grades and dropping in the same. A true man with whom we share a common name, maybe in testament that I shall one day attain the scales of his greatness

It’s not every day you get slammed by moving bicycle, I pride myself with the fact that I have been hit twice. Maybe it was God’s way of revealing my inert destiny that I was meant to be pro-cyclist but weirdly up to this day I tend to love bike riding. The first time the cyclist braked and veered grazing, brushing against my schoolbag making me lose balance an ultimately kiss the ominous dirt. The second time the cyclist hit my elbow sending me flying against some roadside groceries, I still have that t-shirt btw and it still has the tomato and lettuce stains, now that’s a souvenir

You remember those embarrassing brutal and painful beatings you once had, I’ve kept track since it wasn’t one, it was a couple of sore experiences that often left me wondering whether I was meant to be a professional boxer, don’t get me wrong though there kids who used to be tied to a post and beaten vigorously as they were chased around the pole obviously having no escape since they were tethered.

It’s a small world we live in though since I recently met my Kiswahili teacher who called me ‘Kichwa Ngumu, mjinga sana’ in Primary school scarring me for life. I was driving my mom’s Premio so you can imagine the speed at which I took off after satisfactorily making sure the window was adequately open so that she could steal a long glance at me as I passed by and she realized how awesome my life had turned out to be, yes it is indeed a small world

We turn out to be people who would have surprised us some time before, but it’s necessary that resolute change.



Who is my judge? God is my judge. And why is he the judge? Because he knows what is best. Who is my enemy? He does not exist

“The Master Debaters” Denzel Washington



*Leaker: An offensive term used to refer teasingly to someone who can’t hold their bladder




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