The Twilight Construction Crew

The Twilight Construction Crew


The night starts with the beeping of phone as an impeccably dressed individual dials 131 to ‘Okoa Jahazi’ of which he then proceeds to ask his friend Joshua for ‘Taxi Mnoma’s number’ since well the guy is unbelievably cheap but his ride has seen better days, yah like the better days it carried Moses and Jesus. So the call goes through and a quick bargaining ritual follows suit until an amicable deal is brought to the table at which the driver alerts his would be passengers that he will be at the Greens Hostel in ten minutes. That having been done the individual proceeds to blast himself with immense sprays of ea. du perfume to ensure no odor is detected even as the night wears on. He proceeds to redeem his bonga points to get 2 shs airtime with which he calls Fiona from the Catholic hostel to tell her the cab is on its way and she should tell Agnes and Mary to prepare. He cuts the call and goes up to the fourth floor to check whether Paul and Mike have finished their debate on which snapback to wear and whether to wear shades or not. This is the twilight construction crew.

Taxi Mnoma arrives an hour later or rather 30 minutes late and waits another thirty minutes before the ladies are able to walk to his position in their high heels and the guys are finally able to decide in what ratio are they going to buy drinks and who is paying what for who and etcetera. The taxi driver exudes a look of dismay, he was told he would be carrying three passengers. The six enter the robust vehicle as the ladies assume comfortable positions on the guys laps, and the car creaks to a start and then stops, the driver mutters something about the engine having rice in vernacular, proceeds to check it and then after some minor fiddling and the conception of a hot odor and smoke the car revives miraculously, yahp that’s why it’s called Taxi Mnoma. This is the twilight construction crew.

The driver takes his time on the narrow road to Nyeri town, on arrival at the AP canteen he drops of the trio of three ladies as they make their way to the food stand in the club come hotel to have their supper of fries and samosas all quite enticing and rich in flavor while the guys take out their Armani wallets in pursuit of cash to pay Taxi Mnoma. The guys seize this opportunity before the ladies realize to take a stroll down the street from the AP to a local Downtown pub nicknamed or rather renamed to Kasuku, where they engage the twilight ladies at the entrance in naughty conversation before entering the pub to a VIP welcome, they’re usual’s the waiters know them, glasses quickly cover the wooden paste table as drinks are brought in, four jugs of KEG and three quarters of Viceroy and one ominous quarter of Legend Brandy start, some three half liter Sprite and Krest soda Bottles quickly follow and the hunger and thirst games commence. This is the twilight construction crew.

You can barely notice the stagger in their walk as they head back to meet the ladies in the AP canteen where they had parted, they find them impatient and visibly distraught, from their incessant noise and ramblings the ladies seem to be communicating a certain adage of how they’ll be locked out of the Happy times Club due to late arrival, at this remark Paul casually pulls out his fake ID indicating his birth in November 11th in 1990 a year older than his Operations Research lecturer. A smile is observed on Agnes’ face, Paul is her date so at least her entry is secured. This is the twilight construction crew.

A seemingly long walk is undertaken from AP Canteen to the Bells Club just above the Kickers Club where Mike apparently in a drunken stupor takes out his actual ID instead of the illegitimate one, the club bouncer assumes the look of a mother reprimanding a young toddler. He doesn’t have to say it, Mike takes a visibly annoyed Fiona downstairs to the Kickers Club as they await their counterpart’s arrival. The four who have now entered the Bells inn make their way to the counter and order some four shots of Gilbeys, a needed boost of confidence as Paul takes the stage envisioning himself as the next Wiz Khalifa as the ‘We dem Boys’ song breaks the riddim monotony, the ladies join in, it’s confusing but its allowed after all this is the twilight construction crew.

Watch out for the Twilight Construction Crew Sequel

Coming soon dear avid readers.

OK actually if you’re reading this i have completed the twilight construction crew saga

Click below to read the sequel of the Twilight Construction Crew

The Twilight CC Sequel/ Part 2

Also I would like to take this moment if at times my words seem overbearing or not in order, I have nothing against any course offered in Kimathi so I’m sorry if one of my articles has made someone feel inclined to hold a grudge or be dismayed. Keep reading though, Part two is in the making, as we learn more of Agnes, Paul, Mike, Fiona, Mary and the Persona’s tale in the twilight Construction Crew saga.



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