The Kimathi Love Doctor

The Kimathi Love Doctor

In the prevailing silence that has provoked me into thought over the past few weeks I have finally decided to write a provocative article with which I hope to light someone’s soul alight. So let me start from the beginning. There are two things involved when I approach the issue of the social love malevolence of Kimathi Campus and only two ways to go about explaining it.

One either Cupid has adamantly resolved to keep his arrows in his love bosom quiver and the resulting consequence has been the absence of love in our historical Campus.

Two maybe the word hasn’t been well voiced, maybe its power hasn’t been felt yet, and maybe the presence of love hasn’t been appreciated yet. It is with this second possibility in mind that I the lone puppeteer have decided to profess and testify of a profound uprising, the birth of love.

A hand slung over her shoulder and a momentous shrug in their steps, it doesn’t matter she stays in the Congo Brazzaville complex whilst I reside in Sunrise, its love. It exceeds class and proceeds reason, she knows I love her it’s evident since just last week I tried resolving the rules of Physics with her while we were both in knowledge that I am in fact a Leather Technology student.

So even if the Campus Mall just before the Mumford Hotel is not really a mall but actually a small solitary shop, if she wants the extra shiny earrings sold there well you can be sure I’ll buy them. It’s a shame though that the Catering services that used to be offered above the school mess are long gone, I loved those red table cloths and well pressed covers and a general serene environment of love and romance, but if open I would have surely taken her, she is a first year student in Mechatronics so I’m guessing it would have been a blast of fresh air, at that moment it wouldn’t matter the chapatti’s are 40 shs or the Beef stew is 140 shs, I can cope with the times, after all love doesn’t come easy nor is it for the faint hearted.

I knew I loved her when I didn’t twitch after Maina the Greens hostel Caterer told me the fries were now seventy shillings, I promise you dear readers it’s not a matter of preserving pride but a matter of love, so you see that’s why it’s not bizarre for me to walk with her hand in hand even when the Kamakwa people who often wait for the bus at the Basketball court start jeering and whistling at us as we pass by the Gazebo stands outside the Old Mess at around four heading to Nyandarua male hostel to show her the latest song by Fuse ODG (‘Thinking About you’).

I swear the love I have for this chiq surpasses the love I have for a copied assignment or even a well detailed Mwakenya, Spending a day with her is more essential than even spending an afternoon with classmates after the Programming class bounces. Looking at her is a million times more nourishing than the vantage point I normally assume with my fellow ‘fisis’ at the Greens hostel entrance as we check for prospective big-booty first years and as we deliberate on whether they have boyfriends or not, heck, listening to her is more enjoyable than even the Organization behavior lectures in which the lecturer tends to ignore the difference between R and L and also constantly replaces ‘Ch.’ with ‘Sh’ like saying ‘Shildren’ yes quite enjoyable indeed.

So the next time the CSK club holds another Black and White night party, I’ll buy her the white Mrs. polo sweatshirt Kimani from Ngamia one has been selling at exorbitant rates and borrow his white Mr. polo sweatshirt he often wears when he goes to a party at the Kimathi Bus park especially Gala Nights to fish for prospective soul mates. It doesn’t matter how often I see her it makes more sense to spend time together, that’s why we’re going to re-watch ‘Pyaar Impossible’ tonight, even though I know all the Indian songs in that classic movie by heart.

Maybe were too young but if not now when shall we learn of the ways of love, that I can care for you and you can care for me, It’s like when u had some severe cramps and I took my kettle and came to ur place in Nyeri View to heat some hot Coco for you and make you feel warm inside, it’s not something I do every day, I love you maybe even more than Tangerine. So put thoughts of us parting far from your mind, my past is gone and ur my present which I hope will present itself in my future, for love can exist, I’m tired of one night stands I need a true love, I need you.

So when Davido’s song “Aye” comes up I’ll be dancing to it since well you can’t have any designer or Ferrari from me at the moment but we can work that out as we go along maybe as we have supper on Sunday at the Shirikisho Café. It’s a fleeting thing this, so if I say I love you, I won’t be lying. I Promise.

To view the final letter of the Kimathi Love Doctor click the link below:

The Final Letter Of the Kimathi Love Doctor



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