Tales of Anonymity

Tales of Anonymity

The dramatic tale between two impressively attractive but lost individuals takes place at the immaculate Greens hostel in Kimathi University where our two individuals take the stage in readiness for the enactment of true brilliance to spark awe and amazement in both the eyes and souls of their audience. I take a seat at the entrance of the three hundred and tenth room in the B block of the Campus settlement as I brace myself for the imagery and beauty that I have been given the pleasure to assume observance as the story of the Campus Hippies unravels before my anticipation and anxiety filled eyes.

(The stage is set, enter the campus *hippie, he carries a certain sway in his walk, an unperturbed flair in his gait and stance. I am immensely impressed by his aloof momentousness and I am more than eager for him to indulge me, he unobtrusively takes out his Armani wallet, an immense package in my deductive eyes. A Couple of notes make their way through his hands, the campus hippie is well loaded. I command my excitement to dissipate as I wait…….wait for the next moment,)

(Enter the Campus *Hippette)

Hippie: Have you read this nigga’s blog?

(He proceeds to take out his Samsung Note global connection device as he points out something on the interface on the device with which he intends to capture the diva’s easily swayed attention, on the phone I can feebly make out the words “puppeteer” a weird name, Which weirdo calls his blog puppeteer? I muse to myself, the hippie after examining the look of pure bewilderment on his hippette’s eyes proceeds to make the object of their observation more familiar)

Hippie: Apparently the nigga has a blog he’s writing, he mostly writes some sad sentimental stuff, I think he’s quite a sad sob.

(He exhales rapidly and impatiently, looking at his Emporia clear glass Rolex, He’s impatient, it’s as visible as black and white, he has taken note of the gaping fact that his female compatriot is distraught and visibly uneasy, he observes a momentous silence. Apparently societal dictum dictates that he must not probe the lady for answers yet she must obviously feel at ease to communicate the information herself and at her own pace)

(More silence, I am uncomfortable in my resonate state and It’s at this moment that I keenly observe the two hippies taking in their features trying not to misunderstand.

They’re beautiful people these individuals. The lady is light skinned adorning some attention seeking eyebrows on her flawless skin, a drop of perspiration would look like a stream on route to an oasis to any thirsty nigga. I’m raptured by her glossy lips, Othello has nothing on the kiss she would probably offer, nothing wrong could ever be said by a mouth shaped so perfectly, her eyes speak volumes of the beauty she has seen, for what else could those eyes see? Her facial contortions make ones heart leap in excitement, beware the Hippette.

The Hippie a mild moustache adorning his upper lip and clear cut side burns that rise to a majestic mo-hawk and bulky and sturdy figure probably works out, no more words can I dilute the scene with, for with a momentous sigh, the Hippette decides to break the silence)

Hippette: I’m breaking up with you Francis. I know all about your outspan ‘clandes’ and I’m not going to push this any further

(Visibly distraught but showing no more emotion than a poker player)

Hippie: Outspan clandes? Seriously? Sophie you realize you take things too seriously, don’t you?

(She perks her eyebrows at him, beautiful scene, even more beautiful when pissed off)

Hippette: I have tolerated all these stuff from you because I thought you would change but you constantly go out to God Knows where you have fun with God Knows who and everything about you betrays you, Be it the extra condom pack you always carry around, albeit the pictures in your phone, I know Francis I know!!

(Casual glance, he’s not perturbed, lays back on his posh Cavallri Pillow and retreats into his zone. I’m infuriated, and can’t he see the questioning look in her eyes? Cant he see the emotion in those lips as they’re trying to form an equitable statement to respond to his assumed state of self-absorption)


More silence



*Hippie; generally people who associate their fashion and culture with modernity and popularity especially music and celebrity status quo.

*Hippette: My own made up word on what a female hippie should be known as, though the word hippie takes in both genders




Sorry dear avid readers I will sincerely continue with a sequel, just need time to get my thoughts in order. There’s something special about this story, I just need to get my pen on it, sometime please, some ideas would be nice too at my Email; francique7@gmail.com


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