Whispers In The Wind

Whispers in the Air

You can hear them still, you know, them whispers in the wind, the whispers that demand that their blood spilt so cruelly be accounted for, you can feel their move in the air, everywhere, as they claim for justice in the midst of the injustice that has so cruelly been accorded to them, you can hear them, yes you can the 147 souls lost in the lake of blood.

You attack a man as he prays to his deity, as he seeks a higher power, as he treads deep in the realms of spirituality and oneness with the creator, you spill his blood as he prays, you spill innocent blood of Kenya’s children as they seek the betterment of their motherland as they desire to impact change in their young home, listen to the 147 voices that scream from the lake of blood

You have no mercy, you have no qualms or misgivings about your actions your indifferent to the pain you cause, the agony you disperse, you are the monster that eats souls, that forgets the essence of humanity, the beauty of laughter the simplicity of a smile, look into the faces of the 147 souls that have been tainted with blood from deaths satisfied reserve.

Look into the eyes of your victims and tell me, nay explain to me why you do not see life, why you do not linger and spare this moment, spare this light, are you oblivious to the sign of power and youth in their eyes? Are you blind to the beauty in their lives and promise in their hearts? I am afraid for the 147 souls who now cry in desolation.

Do you hear it? the sound of industry and power and creativity as it sinks deeper into the ground, as it ceases from both sight and memory, do you hear the words of the enlightened and the illuminated as they fade into oblivion, I do, I hear it crystal clear the sound of the 147 souls that didn’t even have time to say goodbye

You ever heard the story of “beloved” the tombstone with no name? today I cry for my lost brothers and sisters, I mourn for them for I am not impervious to pain, neither am I above the misfortune that befell them, death has a satisfied grin today as he walks away with 147 souls all laden with promise and belief that they were destined for more than his swift clutches.

No words can describe the pain of the loss of the 147 souls who have perished today. Lest we forget who our enemy is let’s not forget those who fell at their hands today.





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