The Nice Guy

The Nice Guy

I’m still reeling from what you said the last time I took you out for a date or walk around the Kimathi Conservancy, I always have this tendency to associate wildlife and scenery. Such as that *I llama couple that was eating twigs and branches at the conservancy’s edge with romance, so I had an awesome evening planned out as we made our way clear cut along the bushy reserve.

It had a more ‘Let’s be friends theme on top of it but covered with the notion that you needed time to figure things out. I’m guessing time must be name of the dude I saw you kissing at the basketball pitch two days later because it seemed like you really needed him, I sure hope you figure things out real quick, but in the meantime I’ll be the nice guy.

Maybe reading all the events since our meeting to the culmination of our relationship didn’t matter much since your mind has a tendency of forgetting how many times I said I Love you, but I don’t mind, after all they are just three simple words, not much if you think about them and that is in fact the plight of the nice guy.

Let’s suppose I’m too polite or grossly misunderstood, but I honestly for the love of me couldn’t muster the courage to say no when you looked at me that Saturday and said you wanted to spend the next day’s night with your Ex-boyfriend, after all you did say all you were going to do was buy some take away fries and watch that famous inspirational movie, What was it called again ohh yah I remember, ‘Fifty shades of Grey’, that sounded plausible to me after all I am a real nice guy.

Ohh lest I forget I still have the sweater you bought me, the one you bought at the 2NK stage that was too big for you so you casually decided to leave it in my possession for safekeeping, its clean too. I’m guessing the bracelet I bought you for your 20th birthday is being sold in many stalls now since I saw it recently with this guy who lives in Block A in Sunrise who you insisted to me once that he was just a friend. The resemblance to the one I gave you is striking though but I quickly brushed this thought away since the one I gave you was custom made and after all I am a nice guy.

I do miss the nights we spent together though, when you use to ambush me in a drunken state at 3 am and insist on telling me how your best friend is out to get you. I miss when you would all of a sudden puke on my floor and I had to painstakingly clean it, I weirdly miss those nights like crazy. Those were the good old days when I was still your very own nice guy.

Well on the bright side you’ll be happy to know that I finished your Tourism project. It was a bit difficult since well in Engineering we don’t do any unit like or closely affiliated to Travels and research. But it was an eye opener coz it kind of reminded of our relationship, you know of how you always do the travelling and am mostly left doing the research, but think nothing of it you can always comfort yourself in the fact that I am a nice guy.

I’m still waiting for you to tell me you love me though, it’s been six months since I opened up to you on the same but am a firm believer In Patience, so I’ll wait. It was really confusing though how you shouted you love that guy when he came to pick you up in his Benz that Friday morning to go to God knows where, but I must have heard wrongly, coz I was like two meters away from you guys as you hurriedly entered his ride but I still pride myself with being a nice guy.

Oh when you do come back, because I’m sure you will, when we do talk or rather when you finish talking about how your six inch stiletto broke and you had to put on the ‘ugly’ flats I bought you last Christmas with my savings or how your make up went wrong on Tuesday but luckily you had carried some lipstick and eye shadow to cure the mess, I’d like to probably confide in you that my sister is terminally sick and she needs help and concern but you go first after all I am a really nice guy.

I’m thinking that if I buy you a valentine’s gift this February, I can borrow money from Kelvin to pay for my Acoustics supplementary, but wait I think I’ll use Kelvin’s money to take you out this Sunday coz you kind of insisted you had a bad week especially on Friday when your fingernail broke, I know how much you have invested in those nails so ill consider you first. I know it’s worthwhile since I know you would do the same for me but in any case I will still be a nice guy.

I’m sorry I’m not a good dancer, I know that’s the reason when we go clubbing, you tend to spend the entire night with someone else, you’d be surprised to know that I don’t even mind when you go out and leave with the occasional guy despite prior arrangements to leave together, I actually don’t mind since in the morning you’ll be back and well work things out because I can’t help it I am just a nice guy

You should know I changed my look for you, I know you love these dreadlocks I adorn nowadays and these tight Harlem pants that you chose specifically for me which I wear now. Truth is actually that I do have the occasional headache coz these locks were not woven without a certain level of inhumane tightness but ill survive, and also the heat these pants exude could start a bakery, it’s like an incubator down there, I often pour some water in my pants when I do go to the lavatories but we both know I’d do these shit again and again, after all I am a really nice guy

I hope time treats you better, he seems like a nice guy, you should know though that I will always be the ultimate nice guy.

*I llama: Some weird looking animals I often see around Kimathi’s conservancy, quite weird looking but not lacking a certain cute aspect about them.



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