Them Dark Shadows

Them Dark Shadows


They visit me at night mostly, them dark shadows that know my name oh too well. It begins as a whisper………. a raspy hollow voice and ends in a scream. They infuse me with hate and love at the same time and leave my bedside in the darkness before the dawn. They torment me…… yes they do, but sometimes a particular type of sadness brings forth joy. In my darkest hour I am strongest. For I am infected with a blood lust that knows no devotion or creed. In the absence of light darkness prevails within my mortal soul. I beg for light for I am in need, I beg for respite for I am in pain, I beg for love for I am tormented by hate……… but silence………..But a distant mourning, a perturbed soul…..Or is it my own?

Them dark shadows lay by me and take me to the place without color, there I envision myself with angels and them dark shadows give me solace and peace lest am driven mad by the lack of color in this desolate land. Them dark shadows watch me from a distance, like hounds of prey circling their meal.

They haunt me to the core these images and dreams, they might be the end of me. I need you now more than ever don’t look away be my pillar in this trying time, I Pray, a flicker of light illuminates in the distance. My prayer ends and am left trembling in fear and in courage.

Them dark shadows return with an overwhelming presence …………am rooted to my demise, with an intense hatred am left with no soul as my life flashes before me, I float all over the world looking for her, am shaken and alert…. Man shall not meet his death in fear but in defiance lest his tombstone be left without a name. Them dark shadows……

No more light or closeness to it, my body has embraced the clingy mist, my soul has fell in love with the darkness am no longer myself as I become one with my fear……..Become one with my self-loathing,

as my blood boils within me and burns my livid skin, as my mind is corrupted with images of war and defilement of desolate lands and the pain of a thousand wounds on a single entity then my body becomes one with the intense power that lays siege to my soul and am no longer myself but a dark force lays claim to my essence. Am not myself, them dark shadows……….. Am not myself

Them dark shadows conquer my resilience, my heartbeat reduces to a blur, I still love her…… love them. Call my name even when you do see them……………………..

Them dark shadows…………….




9 thoughts on “Them Dark Shadows

  1. not bad thought it needs an edge and its sort of like a cliché though it revolves around the dark shadows u could depict a few other emotions to make it more lively

    Liked by 1 person

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