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The Fear Within

The fear within.

In the darkness before the dawn my heart trembles with uncertainty.

The breath of the ominous monsters around my sweat drenched brow and body scares me to the core.

The presence of wolves makes my soul tremble.

No light to cling to, no hope to look toward to, no love, just the raw stench of death and all of his friends.

I struggle with the patience of hopelessness seeking a second chance in my nocturnal imprisonment, the demons around my weak figure grunt with satisfaction as if sizing up their prey before relentless attack. I brace myself for the imminent end the obstinate demise as the bottomless pit flashes before my eyes and am left pale and in denial of who I am and what I once stood for.

But a sound voice still perturbs my mind that I don’t want to battle from beginning to end, I don’t want to follow death and all of his friends

I don’t want to plow the hate, I don’t want to seek revenge I want to live free of the poison and serpents that suck out the life from my soulless carcass. It’s hard to say these words out loud but they’ll be clearly echoed throughout generations for they were built upon the exorcism of pain and the bleeding of love.

Inspired by Cold play :

Midnight and death and all of his friends





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