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Signs of life

Signs of Life


When I first told them of the darkness that ravages my body they laughed so I poured out my sickness upon them that they may share in my cup of suffering

When I first told her of my soulless body she took no notice so I summoned the dark that I may embrace demise with a worthy partner

When I called them they did not answer so I screamed their names till my lungs were dry as bone and their ears were bloodied from my intoxication

When I needed his magic he called me lost so I won his trust so that in his sleep I could stop the beating of his heart

When I asked for her they ignored my pain and need for redemption so I let myself face death in their midst so that their lives would forever be scarred by the image of pure darkness

When I bled they looked on.


So I died.


That I may live again

That I may fall into the sky,

Fall into

A kind of love that can only be described as magic a sorcery of sorts that possesses man and renders him powerless that burns a fiery furnace within him that kills him entirely. Where did you go damsel of my dreams where did u go for since our dark moments I have not seen you not even once more.


When they read these words they didn’t understand so I smite them with peace and war at the same time that in the conflict within they may discover that peace also lives within and in their new found knowledge they may understand why my fingers bleed when I write these words.



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