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If You Ever Come Back



I lost my will to the rages of war. To the ever insatiable monster that devours youth. I lost it still clinging to the illusion of power and the mystery that accompanied it.

I lost all hope when I started struggling with the feeling that my life wasn’t mine. The utmost deep desire that the hurt would never leave my life and I would be plagued with the curse of searching for love all my remaining days.

I lost my sense of belief when my fragile heart was trampled upon by the hounds of despair. As the absence of light in my ever dark solace became imminent and the darkness took over, making my path difficult to see nay difficult to trod upon.

I lost my peace when the incessant noise of a hideous past came knocking at my door demanding its right to be heard and looked through, when it came infused by bitter memories and a painful upbringing.

I lost my life when the lights went down at the end of the scene. When my dreams and nightmares fused to form a black rose and when the flame in my soul became an inferno threatening to destroy everything in its path including my own utopia

I lost it all….. Lost it to the demons, and ever raging storms that possessed my life.


If you ever come back you’ll find a desolate land with hope of a blissful return, if you ever come back you’ll find a glow in the dark, you’ll find a persistent beating of an eventful heart.

If you ever come back you’ll find a melody, rising to a tune, rising to a song. But that is dearly beloved if you ever come back. If you ever find it in your dark hollow soul to return me to my nirvana and flood my life with your luminous glow.

If dearly beloved you ever come back.

Title borrowed from the script’s song:

“If you ever come back”



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